Install Android Games on Fire TV

It is hard to choose a streaming devices that is powerful and has portability. If you choose Firestick it is extremely portable but not powerful for Android gaming. However, Firesticks has powerful versions like Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K MAX. Lets talk about both models firesticks and fire TV cube.

Fire TV Stick

Has few models like Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K MAX. Fire TV Stick 4K max has same performance as Fire TV Cube without input and outputs like Fire TV cube. 4K max offers best performance for gaming. You will be able to play high-end Android games easily on this device. You will be able to install large games on 4K max due to its higher storage compared to other firestick models.

You cannot connect game controller for better gaming experience. Cannot connect external storage device like flash drive for more storage and etc. If you love portability with powerful gaming capability 4K max is your solution. You have to choose which games to keep on your device due to limited amount of storage.

Fire TV Cube

This is the convenient Fire TV model to play games. Because you can connect game controller, mouse and keyboard, external storage device and etc. Its octa-core processor and 2GB RAM helps for better gaming experience on your TV. You’ll enjoy lightning-fast loading times, stutter-free 4K HDR playback and more.

Play Store games for Fire TV

Most fire TV users want games available on play store for TVs, simply because those games does not available on Amazon app store. There are many methods to get those games on your TV without going through hard procedures like rooting, etc.

Amazon App store is not a large app store compared to play store and it is not the first store to get Android TV games. Therefore you will find new and popular games first on play store.

Why play store does not available on Fire TV

You may wonder why play store does not available on Amazon Fire TV since it is based on Android. There are many reasons for that. Main reason is ecosystem. Amazon want to keep things within Amazon ecosystem. It will encourage users to get apps, games, movies, TV shows and more using Amazon app store apart from play store.

Fire TV OS based on Android. It provide own user interface, features and more for their users. Amazon has to agree on licensing terms for the Play Store for it to be appear on Fire TVs.

How to get Google play games on Fire TV

Do not try to install lots of bloat wears to get play store application. Because installing unofficial play store application on fire TV make it harder and cause lots of performance issues, bugs and more. There are many other methods like using Aptoide TV.

Aptoide TV is fully developed for smart TVs like Fire TV. Aptoide TV offers TV apps and games first which are compatible with your TV instead of mobile apps and games. You will get unsupported apps and games if you Install Android mobile app stores like AC Market, Aptoide, playmod. Therefore it is very important to stick with TV app stores. Because mobile games are designed to work with touch screens, not with bigger screens like TVs. Most games have TV version which play smoothly and nicely on Fire TVs.

Aptoide TV does not require any login or registration. Simply surf through all available Android games and install. No restrictions based on region or device. You can try any Android game you love for free.

Install Aptoide TV on Fire TV

Aptoide TV
Name:Aptoide TV
Version:v5.1.2 (531)
Size:11.35 MB
Last Updated:20th June, 2024
Downloader Code:610871

Check below tutorial for instructions.

  1. How to install Aptoide TV on Fire TV.
  2. How to install Aptoide TV on Fire TV Sticks.

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