Install Android Mobile Games on Android TV & Fire TV

Android is the most popular mobile platform with large number of awesome games. You will be able to find games ranging from casual puzzlers to adrenaline-pumping shooting games. There is something for everyone on Android games world. But only games were available for Smart TVs based on Android.

You cannot install any game you love with play store app. Because play store only offer games supported by your device and allowed in your regions. There are many restrictions and limitations when using play store TV app. Best and easiest option is to sideload games you love.

Installing mobile games on Android TV & Fire TV

You may have heard about TV app stores like Applinked, FileSynced, Unlinked. Those app stores are popular for movies and TV shows apps. Not for gaming apps. You can use Aptoide TV app store. Which is the best alternative for play store and Amazon app store. You can use this app store on any Android TV or Fire TV for free.

You may think of installing Android app stores like Aptoide, Happymod or AC Market. Those app stores does not offer TV games and apps like Aptoide TV. Those app stores are not designed to work with bigger screens like TV and may find it harder to use and navigate with TV remote.

Aptoide TV offer both TV and mobile apps. For example, if you search 8 ball games on Aptoide TV, you will see search in two categories. First category shows compatible apps related to your search. Second section shows all the Android apps and games related to your search. If particular game is not designed for TVs, you will find that game in “All results” section.

You can check reviews and comments about that game before installing. Add your experience in using non-supported game on your Android TV or Fire TV with Aptoide TV.

How to play Android mobile Games on TV

You will find it hard to play if you install unsupported Android mobile game on your TV. Because those games are designed to work with touch screens not with a TV remote. But there few Android mobile games that are only available for mobile devices support game pad or game controllers.

Make sure you install a Android mobile game that support external keyboard, mouse or gamepad. You can use Aptoide TV to install your favorite Android game. Then connect your game controller to Android TV and mobile games on TV.

Download Aptoide TV to install Games

Aptoide TV
Name:Aptoide TV
Version:v5.1.2 (531)
Size:11.35 MB
Last Updated:20th June, 2024
Downloader Code:610871

Download and install Aptoide TV app store from above link and search “Games” category for all available free games.

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