Install Google TV apps on Fire TV

Now a days Google Tv is becoming a household name in the world of entertainment. It was introduced by Google and brings almost all things you like to watch at one place including Netflix and Hulu. It is considered as a Smart TV platform created to make the videos streaming more easier and a quick process. However, if you are a Fire TV user, you might be thinking about a way to bring the magic of Google TV apps to your Amazon device.

One of the cool features about Google TV is its ability to work with different apps. It brings various streaming services together and makes it comfortable for the users to switch between them without searching them over and over again. Imagine how nice it would be to have all your favorite shows and movies in one friendly spot on your TV.

Hence, through this guide let’s explore some possibilities to have this wonderful Google TV apps on your Fire TV device using Aptoide TV.

Google Play Store vs Amazon App Store

Google Play Store and Amazon App Store are like two different shops for your apps. Google Play Store is like a big supermarket with tons of apps for Android phones and tablets. It has a vast selection, from games to productivity tools.

On the other hand, Amazon App Store is like a boutique with a curated collection. It is made specifically for Amazon devices like Fire tablets and Fire TV. Sometimes, an app you find in one store may not be in the other.

So, if you are using an Android phone it is better to visit Google Play Store for your apps. But if you have an Amazon device like a Fire tablet, visit Amazon App Store. Each has its own bonuses, but the choice depends on the device you are using.

Using Aptoide TV as an alternative to Google Play Store on Fire TV.

If you are using Fire Tv and if you want to get in touch with tons of different apps Aptoide TV is one of the best alternatives for Google Play Store. This handy App store sure has a vast collection of Fire TV apps. Sometimes this includes apps that you cannot find on your Amazon App Store.

Aptoide TV can be considered as the best place with hundreds of possibilities for you. The intuitive and the simple interface of the app makes it comfortable for the users to find any app you want with just few simple taps.

Installing Aptoide TV on your Fire TV

Aptoide TV
  1. Visit the website
  2. Find the download link and click on it. Click here to download aptoide TV for Fire TV
  3. Then, in your Fire TV settings, allow it to install apps from outside sources.
  4. Once your download is completed explore for more apps and simply download them on your Fire TV.

With Aptoide TV you can make your Fire TV streaming experience more exciting and fun. Whether you want to add some variety or you want to explore more apps then Aptoide TV is the best platform to use on your Fire TV. Download it now and explore the world of apps easily and comfortably.

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  1. My biggest concern of using fire tv is not having play store. But I love the price and offers get with amazon store when buying their products. Hope this aptoide tv can fix play store issue.


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