Best Play Store alternative for Google TV

In this era where smart TV are becoming a prominent platform in entertainment, now you have another option, Google TV and Chromecast. With its ability in integrating smoothly with different types of streaming services the Google TV brings out an immersive entertainment experience for the users. Alongside with the Google TV Chromecast is also a go-to-go choice that let your cast your mobile in to your big screen. But for these devices I think you will need an alternative to your default App Store. Let’s see what is this alternative app store and why you need it in your Google TV.

Google TV and Chromecast

Google TV

Simply, Google TV is a smart TV platform. It is offered by Google. It brings live Tv, app, games, other streaming service and many more in to your living room very easily. It is very handy with many users preferred features.

The Chromecast helps you in casting your mobile phones in to your big screen making it more convenient to watch anything you like from the mobile with whole the family within few seconds.

Most of the time the default App Store for these devices is Google Play Store. It does have a wide array of games and apps that you desire. But if you like to have a change in your user interface and if you want different selection of Apps then the best alternative app store to have, is Aptoide TV.

Best Play Store alternative for Google TV

Aptoide TV is now becoming popular all over the world as an alternative to most of the traditional App Stores. If you want to have a different user experience and if you want to try different types of apps Aptoide TV is your ultimate playground.

  • This third-party app store sure embraces a wide array of apps and games for you. Sometimes you cannot find them in your default app stores also.
  • Moreover, most of the apps included here are free.
  • It embraces a simple and a user-friendly interface catering to users of any age.
  • The users can create their own app stores and can be shared with the ither users. You can find different collections of apps tailored based under different themes and topics.

If you want to diversify your Google TV and Chromecast experience then you must try this wonderful app store. Downloading and installing is very easy and also a quick process. Try Aptoide TV now on your Google TV.

How to install Aptoide TV on Google TV

Below shows quick steps on how to install this app store on your TV for free. For detailed description for installation guide click here.

  1. Open any web browser on your Google TV.
  2. Type “” in the browser’s address bar and press Enter
  3. On the Aptoide TV website, locate and click on the download button or click here to download Aptoide TV
  4. Go to your device settings and enable installation from unknown sources.
  5. Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install Aptoide TV.

Explore Apps

Once installed, open Aptoide TV and explore a diverse range of apps not available on the default store.

Aptoide TV indeed opens up a new playground for exploration and customization on your Google TV and Chromecast. Hence, download this wonderful app store and embrace the versatility of the app market now.

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  1. I am agree with you. Because it is the best alternative. But not a good store to find free movies and tv shows. Anyone looking for awesome and free movie streaming apps headover to applinked or filesynced.


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