Aptoide for Smart TV

Can I install Aptoide on Smart TV?

Yes, you can install Aptoide on your smart TV. Support Android TVs, Google TVs, and Fire TVs. But it is better to install the smart TV version of this app store which is the Aptoide TV app.

Aptoide is the largest third-party app store available for Android devices. Aptoide is designed for mobile phones to provide mobile apps and games. It is a mobile-first app store for Android devices. You can install Aptoide on your smart TV, but it does not have the benefits of using the TV app store because it offers mobile apps or games first instead of providing TV-supported apps and games.

Aptoide offers an app store specially designed for Android smart TVs for free. It is called Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV is also from the Aptoide group. You have full access to all apps and games offered by Aptoide using the Aptoide TV app store.

Aptoide Vs Aptoide TV

Aptoide is designed for touch screens or Android mobile phones and tablets. Offer almost all Google Play Store apps with apps and games not in the Play Store.

Aptoide TV is designed for smart TVs running Android TV, Google TV, and Fire TV. Offers TV-compatible apps and games with Android mobile apps. You can easily search and install TV apps using a TV remote. The TV version of this app store also offers mobile-only and not-compatible apps and games if you want to install them on your TV. Many TV users use a game controller or external mouse to use those unsupported apps on their TVs.

Features of the Aptoide app store for Smart TVs

Free apps and games

All apps and games offered by this app store are completely free. No need to pay or buy apps and games to install on your TV. No need to register like Play Store to install apps. Just install this app store and download any game or app you want for free.

Movies and TV show apps

Search for awesome Movies, TV shows, and TV series apps using this app store. Install blocked movies and TV shows apps using this app store and use a VPN to stream content.

Can install Android mobile apps and games

Many TV users want Android mobile apps or games on their TVs. But Play Store only offers compatible apps and games. However, you can use those touch screens only for Android games/apps using a game controller or keyboard and mouse. No need to use a web browser application to search apk files to install. Just use this app store to quickly find and install the latest version easily.

How to install Aptoide on Smart TV

Installation is the same as sideloading other apps to your TV. Here we are using the Downloader web browser application. Downloader is a TV web browser available on Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. Therefore, all smart TV users can easily download and install this internet browser on your TV.

Next, go to https://aptoidetv.app/ website and download the Aptoide TV app store. If not click here to download Aptoide TV.


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